Freight Forwarder Vs Haulier

A freight forwarder is an entity that takes care of all complexities of International transportation, including, but not limited to, negotiating borders and customs processes.  A Freight forwarder will have a deferment account, a transit guarantee, worldwide representation, and a qualified team of customs trained experts readily available 24/7.  A Haulier, on the other hand, is a company that transports goods by road, often on behalf of freight forwarders.  

With the UK departing the EU it is important to make the distinction between the 2.  Free flowing EU trade has made it very easy for hauliers to try and work directly with traders because the customs expertise has not been a requirement.  This is about to change – in a BIG way.  Trade between the UK and the EU is about to become more complex as the following diagram will show-

Working with a freight forwarder that knows how to navigate these additional processes is vital.