Navigating a TIME-CRITICAL Shipment

Eurosprint guides us through it

Manufacturers have become a lot more efficient in recent years in an effort to reduce ‘emergency transport’ and whilst this has had an impact on the time critical sector there are a number of factors which make it just as important today as ever. You can’t predict a production line failing, goods not meeting quality standards or even just plain and simple human error.

There will always be a requirement for time critical transport and when that happens it is important you have a trusted supplier that is contactable 24/7. Time Critical can refer to any consignment that needs a little more care and attention than moving via a typical delivery network.

This can include anything from automotive parts to stage lighting, even football kit! These goods may be time sensitive, for example, if they are necessary to keep a production line going which is common in the automotive and aviation sectors. They may also be high value or fragile goods which although not needed urgently will be shipped on a time critical basis due to the high risk associated. So what should you consider before making a decision on a time critical shipment?

  • Assess the cargo: look at the weight and sizes and think
    about how the cargo is loaded and unloaded. Are the
    goods hazardous or temperature controlled? From this
    you can determine the size and type of vehicle needed.
    If the shipment is small enough you may even consider
    sending via an ‘on-board courier’.
  • Transit time: look at when the goods are needed,
    whether it’s delivering out of hours and decide whether
    you will need one driver or 2 to make the transit time.
  • The product: are the goods packed correctly? Have you
    factored in additional insurance for high value goods?
  • The cost: can the cost be reduced by dispatching earlier?
    Can you co-load? Is there anything to return?
  • What happens if we don’t deliver on time: this is the
    driving influence when making a decision on time critical
    freight! What are the consequences if the shipment fails?

One particularly tricky shipment took quick thinking and a lot of coordination. We received a call on a Friday evening at the end of the month informing us that an oil rig was on fire in the North Sea. We had to collect certain parts from several points in the UK and deliver to Aberdeen immediately. After evaluating the cargo, most of which was hazardous and over 11 metres long, we put forward a collection schedule to the client. Thankfully the parts arrived on time early Saturday morning as requested. A number for your mobile phone 0121 785 0666 – you never know
when you might need it!

Clay Cartwright, Director, Eurosprint Freight Services

Featured in Forwarder magazine | April 2016