A proud track record of great results

Freight solutions for Oil & Gas

Friday night, last Friday of the month, and the quarter end. Eurosprint received a telephone call at 7.00pm from one of our Oil and Gas clients, informing us that an oil rig was on fire in the north sea, and that certain parts had to be collected from several UK point’s and delivered up to Aberdeen port immediately and without fail to assist in putting the fire out, now this would normally not be a problem, but some of the goods were eleven metres long and hazardous, some of the other goods were also hazardous, but could not be shipped with the other hazardous cargo as they were not compatible, a headache at any time of the month.

The Eurosprint team evaluated what hazardous cargo could be shipped together and what couldn’t, and what cargo had to be collected first due to the sites closing very soon for the weekend. Once all this was complete we put forward a collection schedule to our client informing them of what was being collected, and when it was to arrive at Aberdeen Port, this way the client had a clear idea of where their parts were at any given time en-route to delivery point, we are pleased to announce the parts arrived on time and the fire was eventually extinguished.

Freight Solutions for Hazardous Goods

Eurosprint work closely with many Hazardous goods manufacturers as well as many Freight companies who carry hazardous goods, once such incident when we had to deliver a highly hazardous composite to a European Aerospace client, the goods could not be shipped with any other hazardous cargo and also had to be shipped in a temperature controlled van with dry ice as a backup, to make matters worse the goods could only be shipped on a ferry with a limited amount of people and trucks on board, but the goods were still very urgent, the Eurosprint team work closely with all ferry operators so are aware of what ferry’s can take what cargo, and very quickly established the best route for the cargo to move quickly and efficiently.

Freight Solutions for Events & Exhibitions

When putting together a three month European tour for one of our exhibition companies, the Eurosprint team had to liaise closely with the client regarding paper work and customs clearance formalities.

When embarking on such a tour and with several customs borders to cross, Eurosprint suggested the use of an ATA Carnet, this helped the goods move freely around Europe and expedited the movement of the exhibition through all the customs borders.

Eurosprint notified all the customs clearing agents in advance of the vehicle arriving at the border so to ensure the show arrived on time at it final destination, this happened without fail, just goes to show the devil is sometimes in the detail!

Freight Solutions for Aerospace and Aviation

Eurosprint work closely with the world’s leading aircraft manufactures, and as you can imagine their requests are never the same, they can be, ‘ we require a whole set of landing gear to be delivered to an AOG site in far end of Europe, to ‘we need a small van to deliver to Paris in Eight hours’, all normal stuff to the Eurosprint Team, one recent request did though put us to the test, late one evening our client asked us for Twenty Five dedicated sprinter vans to load from three UK site’s, within the hour and deliver to their European sites ASAP, no easy task given the time of night, the out of hours Eurosprint team set to work and ensured all was covered within the time scale given, and liaised with the client until the final van had delivered.

Freight Solutions for Automotive

A major Automotive supplier contacted us with no time to spare, after experiencing a major issue within their manufacturing process, they had to get parts to several OEM’s with Europe, within hours! Eurosprint immediately responded by placing a fleet of dedicated vehicles of varying sizes at the clients plant.

These vehicles were loaded at speed and set off for the non-stop journey to the various European plants. The Eurosprint out-of-hours team continually contacted the UK supplier and the European OEM’s informing them of the exact time all the vehicles were due to arrive. This went on for several days, but behind the scenes, Eurosprint were putting together a more cost effective way to move these goods via the range of road services, thus saving the client money whilst maintaining a high level of service.

Freight Solutions for Media

Eurosprint recently had to move a top flight premiership football teams kit and associated items on a fortnight European media tour.

Firstly Eurosprint had to plan with the club the route the vehicles would take and timings for when the players and media would arrive at each site. The Eurosprint drivers in turn had to ensure that all the kit and associated items were delivered, set up, and ready for the worlds media and the team on each occasion, this all moved to perfectly to plan, and to our satisfaction we received a letter of recommendation from the Premiership team before the vehicle had arrived back in the UK, back of the net!