Middle East Conflict

In recent months we have seen additional cargo moving via Airfreight due to the Red Sea crisis, reducing space availability and increasing costs, political unrest in the Middle East, including Iran’s attack on Israel and the seizing of the MSC Aries container ship, is likely to impact this even further.

Many airlines have cancelled or re-routed flights from the Far East to Middle East destinations, this creates space issues, longer transit times and warehouse congestion.

The situation is expected to worsen in the coming weeks as cargo backs up, some airlines have already stopped taking new bookings.

For current information on flights, rates, and transit times, please contact a member of the customer service team on 0121 785 0666 or email sales@eurosprint.co.uk

Eurosprint proud to sponsor Boldmere Falcons for a second season

Eurosprint Freight Services are very proud to sponsor Boldmere Falcons Under 10s Girls squad for a second season, keep up the hard work girls, let’s bring that cup home again this season!

Welcome Lisa Rose to our Customs & Compliance department

We are thrilled to welcome Lisa Rose to our Customs & Compliance department.  Customs is central to everything we do as a business, your experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas will greatly assist Eurosprint’ and our clients. Welcome to the office from all of us, we look forward to working with you.

With the aftermath of Brexit, I have spent the last few years concentrating solely on customs which has also included a role as Customs Trainer within BIFA, where I gained a wealth of information from a position of compliance. I now bring that knowledge and experience to my new role as Customs & Compliance Manager at Eurosprint.

My focus is to bring customs training and development not only within the customs department but throughout the company and ultimately out to our client base, customs is central to the service we provide and a critical part of any supply chain.”

Lisa Rose / lisa@eurosprint.co.uk

Strike by Felixstowe dockers expected to disrupt UK supply chain

Dockers at Felixstowe are planning eight days of strike action over pay that could cause serious disruption to the UK’s largest container port.

Nearly 1,900 workers plan to stop work for more than a week at the Hong Kong-owned port, starting on Sunday 21 August and ending on Monday 29 August, according to the union Unite. The workers voted 92% in favour of strike action last week.

In anticipation of the strike, Eurosprint has drawn up contingency measures to:

  • Maintain essential service delivery wherever possible.
  • Ensure that proper and consistent administrative arrangements are in place.
  • Open a communication channel to ensure our clients are kept up to date with all developments.

Read the full article here

Image Courtesy of the Port of Felixstowe

CDS deadline - act now!

The transition from CHIEF to CDS (Customs Declaration Service) is nearing completion.

From 30th September 2022 customs agents and traders will no longer be able to make import declarations on CHIEF.

From 31st March 2023 customs agents and traders will no longer be able to make export declarations on CHIEF.

If you Import or Export, you need to act now!

We plan to migrate your account from CHIEF to CDS during August 2022, to ensure your goods can be imported and exported without interruption please complete the steps below (steps 1 and 2 only apply if you have not traded Internationally before).

Step 1

Register for a Government Gateway account

Most businesses will already have a Government Gateway account to access their personal or business tax account. You should use this account to access the Customs Declaration Service. You can also register for a Government Gateway account if you do not have one already.

Step 2

Apply for an Economic Operator Registration and Identification number

You need an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number that starts with GB. Most businesses moving goods in and out of the UK already have one.

You can apply for an EORI number if you do not have one already. It is free and it only takes 10 minutes to apply. You should receive your EORI number within a week, but it can take longer during busy periods.

Step 3

Register for the Customs Declaration Service

You will then need to register for the Customs Declaration Service. This can take up to 5 working days so please do not delay.

You will need your Government Gateway user ID and password for yourself or your business. You will also need:

  • your GB EORI number
  • your 10-digit Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number – you can find this on any HMRC payment reminders, or in your personal tax account
  • the address for your business that we hold on our records – please tell us if your address has changed
  • your National Insurance number (if you are an individual or sole trader)
  • the date you started your business

Step 4

You now need to authorise Eurosprint, our EORI number is GB785640300000, to use your Deferment/Cash account, we suggest selecting both. You will be asked for a start date and to check details before submitting.

If Eurosprint are paying your VAT & Duty on your behalf and then invoicing this back to you, nothing will change.

Alternatively other payment methods you can choose from are:

  • duty deferment account – the Customs Declaration Service uses a separate HMRC bank account to CHIEF, so you’ll need to set up a new direct debit, you will also need to re-authorise Eurosprint to use your deferment account, this is done via the CDS Finance Dashboard
  • cash account – these replace the Flexible Accounting System (FAS), and you’ll be set up with one once you’ve registered for the Customs Declaration Service
  • postponed VAT accounting – if you’re making declarations for yourself and your business is registered for VAT in the UK, find out when you can, or need to, account for import VAT on your VAT return
  • immediate payment – by Bacs, CHAPS, online or by telephone banking – you can pay by debit, corporate credit card or cheque
  • individual guarantee – you can use these to cover customs duties for one-off or high value imports
  • general guarantee account – this allows you to provide multiple guarantees from the same account, and continue importing goods into the UK and pay a disputed amount later once agreed

Step 5

Send Eurosprint your authorisation confirmation

  • On completing step 4 you will receive an authorisation confirmation from HRMC, please send a screen shot or copy to customs@eurosprint.co.uk
  • On receipt of the HMRC authorisation Eurosprint will check our own CDS platform to ensure the 2 accounts are linked.
  • Once linked future customs clearances can take place without any delays.

We will keep you updated on the switch over to CDS and be back in contact should any further action be required.

If you require any assistance, please email us at customs@eurosprint.co.uk

Multimodal 2022

3 great days exhibiting at The Multimodal Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, thank you to all of those who came on the stand to say hello, customers, suppliers, and former work colleagues, it really was great to see you all.

A special thank you for all the interest shown in our services, no surprise customs was at the top of most peoples list, in particular the upcoming move by HMRC from CHIEF to CDS.

Brexit Update – 18th December 2020

Eurosprint Freight Services Brexit Update

The UK is set to leave the EU on the 31st December 2020.

With or without the much talked about “deal” additional Customs formalities will be inevitable and delays at border crossings should be anticipated.

Eurosprint Freight Services have accepted these challenges head-on and have solutions in full readiness in order to keep your goods moving smoothly via our Standard and Time Critical services.

As an AEO accredited business and being a founder member of the “Customs Clearance Consortium” Eurosprint have 24/7 access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. Our consortium is managed by industry experts including advisors to the UK Government and EU Commission. Eurosprint are ready for Brexit, we are part of the solution and you can have every confidence in us being by your side on day 1.

For more information on how Eurosprint Freight Services can help you please contact a member of the customer service team or email customs@eurosprint.co.uk

Exporters Guide

1. Do you and your EU customer have an EORI number?

2. Does your customer have a company to handle the EU import declaration and VAT and Duty payments?

3. Have you agreed with your customer the correct Incoterm?

4. Have you agreed with your customer the correct commodity codes for your goods?

5. Do you know if your exports will be levied with an EU import duty tax?

6. Can you update your commercial invoices to show new information post Brexit – we suggest showing your EORI number, Incoterm and Commodity codes.

7. Have you completed a “Direct Representation” form allowing Eurosprint to complete UK Export declarations as a Direct Representative?

Imports Guide

1. Do you and your EU supplier have an EORI number?

2. Have you been issued with/applied for a TSP number? (Transitional Simplified Procedure)

3. Does your supplier have a company to handle the EU Export declaration?

4. Have you agreed with your supplier the correct Incoterm?

5. Have you agreed with your supplier the correct commodity codes for your goods?

6. Do you know if your Imports will be levied with a UK import duty tax?

7. Can your supplier update commercial invoices to show new information post Brexit – we suggest showing a EU EORI number, Incoterm and Commodity codes.

8. Have you completed a “Direct Representation” form allowing Eurosprint to complete UK Import declarations as a Direct Representative?

Covid-19 Update

Eurosprint Freight Services COVID-19 Update

We have had a number of calls and emails over the past week regarding Coronavirus and how this will impact on Eurosprint and the Supply Chain.

We are responding individually to clients questions and offering re-assurances and contingency plans when needed.

The Directors are monitoring the situation continuously and following government recommendations.

Eurosprint is not currently affected by Coronavirus and we have options in place to allow people to work remotely should this be the required and sensible thing to do. Thankfully our operating systems are mostly paperless which means we can access documentation and systems remotely without being dependent on printing. We are requesting an increase in communication by email when possible in preparation for remote working. Our head office number is diverted when closed and we have added out of office numbers to all outgoing emails from today. Eurosprint will be available to you via email and telephone whenever needed.

Operationally our Road Freight services are continuing as normal, we have had some minor delays at borders but this is offset by significantly less traffic on the roads. We have seen a large spike in dedicated time-critical transport which is running as normal. Drivers are being asked to stay in vehicles unless advised otherwise. Air-freight is available but at reduced capacity and subject to quotation. Sea Freight seems to be running to schedule.

We are not panicking but carrying on as normal (with extra precautions) and would like to thank all our clients and suppliers for working with us during this troubling time.

Take care and stay safe!

Eurosprint Freight Services

UK Authorised Economic Operator Status

Eurosprint Freight Services are now certified as a UK Authorised Economic Operator by HMRC.

UK Autorised Economic Operator

AEO status is an internationally recognised quality mark that shows our role in the international supply chain is secure and the customs controls are efficient and meet UK and EU standards.

To achieve AEO status all procedures of the business have been inspected and scrutinized by HMRC. Eurosprint have successfully demonstrated a consistency in our performance and processes along with a high level of knowledge and experience in customs procedures and international transport.

AEO is not a mandatory requirement, but it does give quicker access to some simplified customs procedures and, in some cases, the right to ‘fast-track’ shipments through some customs and security procedures. As the UKs final departure from the EU approaches customs clearances services will be in demand and an increase in “time critical freight” can be expected. Eurosprint are perfectly placed to offer both products which means we keep our customers products moving smoothly and deliver on time.

Eurosprint are very proud of the benefits AEO status will bring our clients and thankful to our loyal members of staff for the time and commitment that has gone into achieving this wonderful accreditation

For more information on how Eurosprint can help with International transport please email customs@eurosprint.co.uk or clay@eurosprint.co.uk